Logic Software


Preferences Audio - where you can control the sound and recording
Arrange Window - where you place tracks and edit tracks
MIDI Track - a track that plays a MIDI file

Inspector - On the left side of the screen, allows you to adjust aspects of the audio or MIDI file
  • Settings - adjust audio settings
  • Inserts - insert an effect to a track
  • Sends - send the track to a bus
  • I/O - Input/Output
  • Pan - sound balance, left or right
  • Write - automation

Software Instruments
  • MIDI Window - where you adjust how the notes in the MIDI file will be played
  • Quantize - fits the notes in place by a certain selection
  • Velocity - how hard the note is pressed
  • Pencil - draws notes on the piano roll
  • Instrument Pop Up Window - where you choose different loops, sounds, and audio files
  • Changing Patches - changing the sound type for MIDI instruments

Recording Metronome - a constant beat that is exactly on the selected tempo
Setting MIDI Track to Record Takes -
Quantizing - lining up all the notes on the the bars in the piano roll in order to fix off beat notes
Drop Downs - settings, tracks, regions, MIDI, and view
Panning Write Mode - automating panning
Changing the Little Graphic - right click on track and select another graphic
Screen Sets - different logic windows or views
Score View - view of the notation
Link - link bottom window to top
Running Man - moves the track window as the song plays
Hide View "H" - hides a selected track
Auto Zoom - zooms in automatically on selected track
Automation - adjusting when a selected audio or pan change occurs
Snap and Drag - dragging audio files and how they snap into place
Tools Shortcut - esc plus #
The Audio Track - the track of audio
The Media Bin - the bin where sound (patches, loops, audio files) are stored
Importing Tempo Information - when importing a loop, choose desired tempo
Midi vs. Audio Icons - blue is audio, green is MIDI
Global Tracks - Key - under global tracks, it allows you to adjust key signature, tempo, etc.
Looping Audio Tracks - mouse to the end of a track, click, and move the cursor to the desired amount
Merge - merging two tracks together
Insert Section - where you can insert effects
Repeat Section - allows you to select a repeating loop
Sample Editor - allows you to edit audio more accurately
The Splodge! - the ability to compensate for all the three components of sound, left to right
Analysis Tools - metering
Mastering Plugins - plug-ins for audio mastering files
The Insert - an insert for an effect on a track.

Important Plugins
  • Metering - meter/tempo related inserts
  • Reverb - gives an effect of playing in a "hall"
  • Delay - echo
  • Flangers - the signal is split into two paths, where one is not affected and the other is modulated
  • Sidechainning - used on different inserts to create "pumping" effects
  • Compression: An insert that gives an extra "umph"

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