Audio Tool

Effects Processors
Delay - repeats the phrase in the background
Detune - bend the pitch up or down
Reverb - gives the sound a sort of echo
Phaser - adds resonance and feedback to the sound
Flanger - pans and echoes the sound from ear to ear
EQ - adjusts the volumes of selected frequencies
Splitter - a device that uses vector syntheses for the sound output, and can mix between outputs
Merger - acts as a vector synthesizer for mixing different sounds
Slope - a filter that allows certain frequencies to pass through

Audio Tool Drum Grooves

TR 808

TR 909

TB 303

Listening Assignment

1. Tempo
2. Types of sounds used
3. Instrumentation
4. Form

Cybotron - Clear
1. Steady, upbeat
2. Drum kit, arpeggiator, synth, modulated bass line
3. TR808, synthesizer, vocoder, arpeggiator
4. Reoccurring arpeggiator, and drum fills, and bass line, but then returns to arpeggiator

Plastikman - Spastik
1. Fast
2. Drums, heavy on the snare, panner, bass line
3. TR808 or TR909, panner
4. Drum fills and drum lines

Cybersonik - Technarchy
1. Steady upbeat
2. Drum kit, bass line,
3. TR808 or TR909, TB303, bass, LFO's, panner
4. Structured, repetition of sections

Model 500 - Off to Battle
1. Fast
2. Drums, lots of snare, bass, modulated sounds
3. Drum kit, bass (TB303), synth
4. Reoccurring parts with main theme

Inner City - Good Life
1. Upbeat
2. Drums, background synth, background bass
3. Drum machine, synthesizer, vocals, bass machine
4. Vocals with chorus

Rhythm is Rhythm - Strings of Life
1. Fast
2. Synthesizer, drums
3. Drum machine, not very much bass, synth organ
4. Repetitive except for middle section

808 State - Pacific State
1. Slower then speeds up
2. Synth, drum machine, background synth, bird calls, synth saxophone, higher register groove, low bass
3. Drum machine, synthesizer
4. Intro, verse 1, chorus, verse 2, chorus and reoccurring parts in between

The Orb - Little Fluffy Clouds
1. Slower then speeds up
2. Drum, synth, bass
3. Vocals, drum machine, synth lines low and high, bass line
4. Intro to verse 1, to chorus, different section

A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray
1.Calm slow tempo
2. Base line, vocals, drum kit
3. TR 303, vocals, drum machine.
Repeating chorus with modulation of the vocals

Orbital - Chime
1. Fast steady upbeat tempo
2. Drum kit, Synth, base line
3.Drum machine, various synthesizers
4. Repeating chorus with synths starting and stoping


The term techno has been used for many kinds of electronic music. Here, it is reserved for the abstract variation on House . Whereas house grooves smoothly, techno kicks furiously. `Techno is a harder edge driven dance music that has the same rhythmic patterns as other house genres but uses a harder synthesizer and a harder sample' (Hosh Gureli), featuring mechanical beats and found sounds that range from apocalyptic sirens to sampled TV and movie dialogue. It was founded in Detroit in the early '80s.

Techno is pure electronic music, originally designed for dances, that combines the sound of classic German electronica with an american Urban feel. The music emphasizes the machine sound of electronic drum machines, especially the Roland TR-808, and often is based around repetitive riffs played on bass line sequencers like the Roland TB-303. Usually with no vocals, Techno uses the 4/4 beat structure and eight bar repeating structure of house to build predominantly percussive tracks that use purely electronic sounds.

Techno features an abundance of percussive, synthetic sounds, studio effects used as principal instrumentation, and, usually, a regular, 4/4 beat usually in the 130–140 bpm range—sometimes faster, but rarely slower. Some techno compositions have strong melodies and bass lines, but these features are not as essential to techno as they are to other dance genres, and it is not uncommon for techno compositions to deemphasize or omit them. Techno is also very DJ-friendly, being mainly instrumental, and produced with the intention of being incorporated into continuous DJ sets wherein different compositions are played with very long, synchronized segues. Although several other dance music genres can be described in such terms, techno has a distinct sound that aficionados can pick out very easily.
In the early eighties a trio of pioneers in Detroit began merging the sounds of synthpop and Italo-disco with funk. Juan Atkins, Derrick May, and Kevin Saunderson were high school friends who went to dance parties where the music ranged from Kraftwerk to Parliament. They listened to an influential radio DJ, The Electrifying Mojo, who played European imports alongside Prince and the B-52’s. In 1983 Atkins and Richard Davies, aka 3070, released the hit “Clear” under the name Cybotron. Techno was born.

Techno orginated in detriot (middle class town outside of detriot)
-invented by three students in belleville
-downtown is desolate
-after the 67 riots, major companies left
-residents who remained in Detriot were dehumanized and disempowered because the city could no longer sustain the office
-automation, computerization, robotics, and technological advances in manufacturing fueled the city's precipitous loss of blue-collar jobs (the same development that would pave the way for techno
-Juan had an idea that he way going to have a record label at 13
-the rhymic structure of the grooves was new, raw, and improvised and had energy
-influenced by Kraftwerk
-Kraut-rock brought into the idea of rhythmic essence of rock music (machine-like compulsion)
-Krautrock "German jazz rock fusion music"
-Chicago also became Detroit's "big brother" in terms of techno music (Chicago did house music)
-1988, Detroit's style became popular
-they were pawns for a bigger game, which was develop a new level of dance music and a multi-billion dollar industry and to develop there own musicians in the communities, and needed them as a guideline
-some people who were involved in the creation of techno might not have been fully credited
-people in the U.K. enjoyed Detroit techno, started raves
-when music changed in the U.K. and moved its way back to the U.S., they thought the sound had been "bastardized"
-Some did not like rigid techno music

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