French Fries by Pecca Project
1. Keyboard, bass, vocals, synthesizer.
2. Techo
3. Very up-beat, rougher at the beginning, then more sic-fi in the middle.
4. At the beginning, the song fades from left to right. Style change in the middle of the song. Tempo change. A lot out fading in and out. Steadier, more consistent beat on the second part of the song. A lot of volume change. Fade out at the end.

You Give Me Love by Keith_Thompson
1. Bass, piano, drums, vocals, maracas, some kind of scratching/plopping sounds, trumpet
2. Latin Techo
3. Like a celebration or party
4. Bass cuts off at beginning. A lot of right to left fade. Vocals in the middle with trumpet solo. Middle switches completely to left side. Trumpet is more predominate in the end.

Clear Blue Moon by Van Buuren
1. Some kind of bell, synthesizer, bass, clapping
2. House
3. Kind over overwhelming with the different sires of beats. Mood is happy with the tech in higher octave. Tranquil in the middle before the larger build up.
4. Starts on left side. Builds up to synthesizer. Lower harmony mixes with higher register noise. Stays mostly on left side. Builds up again in the middle after a fade. Constant beat in the background. Switches to darker in the middle. Goes back to original beat later on in the song, then varies off that beat. More abrupt ending.

Boy/Girl - Aphex Twin
1. Bass, some kind of string plucking, drums with hi-hat, scratching sounds, chimes, vocals, a lot of fast tapping sounds.
2. Techno with classical
3. Rough and scratchy, classical parts are smooth and easy to listen to. Sounds is harsh but then smooth and calm.
4. Song interestingly mixes more classical feel with sharp scratches and abrupt, very fast beats. A lot of beatdown sections then followed by classical. Harsh, sudden transition to scratchy section. Ends with nice classical string plucking.


Music Type: Electronic funk
Instruments: Keyboard, bass, guitar, drums
Biography: The Egg is a British electronic group that plays genres like electronic funk, live house, rocktronic, and dance music. They incorporate live instruments, video triggering, samples and live and vocoded vocals, into their songs. They are based in the UK, but have toured around Europe, USA, Australia, and Brazil. The group originated in Oxford, England in the early 1990's. The band members are Ned Scott on the keyboards, Maff Scott with the drums, Ben Cullum on the bass, and Matt White on lead guitar. For more information on the band, you can visit

Studio Albums
Live Albums
Extended Plays
1996 Albumen

1998 Travelator

1999 Get Some Mixes Together

2004 Forwards

2006 Forwards Special Edition
2008 Live at Cargo

2009 Live at Camp Bisco

2009 Live in Saint Louis
1995 Get Some Money Together featuring remix by Fila Brazilia, Heights of Abraham, Statik Sound System

1995 Shopping EP

2003 Mellowmania
1997 "Bend" (Fila Brazilia mixes etc.)

1997 "Get Some Money to Get Her" (Discovery USA)

1998 "Getting Away With It" - #56 UK - mixes by Rollo (Faithless), street life originals

1999 "Hey Charlie" - mixes by Next Men

2006 "Walking Away" - mixes by Grand National, Dusty Kid Pop and Tocadisco

2006 "Love Don't Let Me Go (Walking Away)" vs. David Guetta- #3 UK

2007 "Nothing" - mixes by Cicada, Dusty Kid Pop and Plimsol


Skrillex - hardcore dubstep
The Glitch Mob - remixes, live music, punk techno, on-the-fly music, use of lemur
Kraftwerk - signature instrument vocoder, pioneers on electronic music, from Germany, early electronic music
Bluetech - chill, laid back music, mellow, slows you down
Photek - DJ, originally more jazz, now more techno, genres are downtempo and drum and bass, differs in tempo
Neophyte - gabber, hardcore techno, fast beats, drum beat and hard sounds
Masters at Work - latin garage band, latin and jazz influence, reggae and soul, 1990's, hip-hop
2 Bit Pie - UK band, steady beat in background, techno
Ronald Jenkees - DJ, uses keyboards and pianos with synthesizers, hip-hop and rock electronic music, makes beats then plays over them
Aphex Twin - acid house, UK band, form of trance, use a lot of synths and drum machines,
Bassnectar - dubstep, heavy bass, from LA
The Chemical Brothers - British electronic music, electronic dance, four brothers, big beat
Daft Punk - house with synth