Self Reflection

Did you change your topic during this process?
I stayed with the main theme of my project, which was learning how Latin music has developed into Latin House music, and the history behind it. But, as I was working on my project, I decided to add in the Reggaetón genre. Latin House and Reggaetón go hand in hand, so I decided I should explore the history and evolution of both genres.

Were you able to find information on your topic that was helpful to your understanding of the subject?
Yes, when I was researching the history of Latin music, and how it changes through the 20th century, I learned a lot about the genre, and discovered information that I would have otherwise might never have learned. I found information on how traditional Latin music changed into genres like salsa, then were tweaked until they reached Latin house and Reggaetón.

Where you able to stretch yourself to learn more on the topic or did you find that you relied only on what you already knew on the topic? Be specific.
I didn't have very much prior knowledge about Latin music, and the only part that I knew about was the traditional cuban music. But, when I was researching a timeline of changes in Latin music, I found information on how the genre developed every decade. I also decided that I would research Reggaetón, a genre that I had zero prior knowledge of, and I discovered that the growth of Latin sub-genres, eventually led into Latin house and Reggaetón.

In what way have you grown intellectually as a result of this project?
I have grown intellectually because when I started this project, the only thing that I knew about Latin music, was from when I had played traditional Latin songs on the saxophone. I learned how Afro-Caribbean music, changed into sub-genres like "boogaloo" and "mambo", then the salsa sub-genre was created. I learned when Latin music switched over to English so they could expand sales, and I learned how to music and rhythms changed over time. Almost everything that I researched was new information to me.

How would you approach the process differently if you had another opportunity to learn in this manner?
If I had another chance to approach this project, I would have changed my procedure of steps to complete my project. When I first started researching Latin music, I began with Latin house and Reggaetón, instead of starting with traditional Latin music. I found that research was more difficult when I didn't have any background information on the subject, especially when dealing with important artists and other sub-genres of music. It my research would have been more effectively completed if I didn't have to keep checking my facts because I didn't know the history behind them.

What was the greatest benefit of your learning experience?
I think that my greatest benefit of this learning experience was being able to research a genre and sub-genres, analyze them, then created a song by-myself based on the information that I gathered and evaluated. At the begging of the year, I just started putting loops together and hoping that they sounded right, but now I have the ability to accurately re-create a sub-genre, just by listening to music and researching the topic. At the beginning of the project, I never woud have guessed that I could have learned how to do that.