Project Title
Latin House & the Evolution of Electronic Music to the Latin Genre

Project Description
I am interested in how to create a Latin House style song, that correctly blends the customary Latin acoustic feel with the modern electronic style. I want to know how Latin music evolved from the customary genre to the modern day Latin House. I would like to figure out what the first latin House songs were, and how they differ from their traditional predecessors.

Project Rationale
I enjoy Latin House music and want to be able to understand how it came to be, and be able to accurately recreate it myself. It will help me understand how sub-genres are created and their relation to the original genre.

Components for Mastery
History of Latin music
When electronic music was added to the Latin genre
What were some of the first Latin House songs and how did are they different
How to emulate the modern day Latin House music and feel
How to mix electronic music with Latin music
Comparing Latin music to Latin house and finding the differences
Knowing how to make Latin House in Logic with loops and created tracks
What are all the different styles of Latin House and examples of them

I have found some examples of Latin House on youtube
I have found some examples of traditional Latin music on youtube
I found a website on Latin house and one on Reggaetón
I have had experience in making a Latin song
I have examples of earlier Latin House songs for comparison

Outline of Process
Examples of Latin songs - youtube
Examples of early Latin House songs - youtube
Examples of modern Latin House songs - youtube
Convert songs into audio files and create 10-20 sec examples
Historical research of Latin genre - internet
Historical research of Reggaetón - internet
Analyze the difference between the three different times (traditional, blend, modern day)
Figure out how to mix electronic music with Latin music
Make a modern day Latin House song - Logic
Create a Keynote presentation
Embed videos, pictures and bounce Logic song into presentation
Write down the history and evolution of Latin music to Latin House

Creative Work and Presentation
I will have created my own Latin House song
I will present my Keynote presentation containing audio examples, evolution and history, and my own creation of Latin House
I can teach others how to syb-genres are formed and how to blend to different styles of music (Latin and electronic)

I hope that I can show the development and background of Latin music and how to make a Latin House song. I think that the process will make others want to mix together different genres to create new electronic music.