Write down any aspect of electronic music that intrigues you.
- Genre of Latin House and how it developed from Latin music and how the electronic aspect was added

What do you want to know more about?
- When and what famous artists started to infuse electronic music into Latin
- How to correctly add electronic music to the latin genre to make Latin House
- What stayed the same from traditional Latin music to present day Latin House

What topic will inspire you to engage in creative research?
- How Latin was changed into Latin House and how to make a solid, full, Latin House song
- Use samples of original Latin, Latin with slight electronic music mix, and present day latin House

Does the topic allow you to be creative using the tools that have been provided?
- Yes, I can use Logic to create a realistic example of a Latin House song, and compare it to a traditional Latin song

Something that Interests Me
- How to create the sound of a typical Latin House song
- How the electronic part was introduced to Latin

Already Know
- Blends guitar,drums, trumpet, bass, and other acoustics

Don't Know
- When the Latin genre mixed with electronic music
- Reggaeton sub-genre of Latin music

Research Websites

Song Examples